The word magic always fills us with some thing fascinating and it transports us to a different world. For a Harry potter fan would like to visit the magical Hogwarts but little do we know that such a magical kingdom did once exist very close to the city of Guwahati. That mystical place is Mayong, known as the black magic capital of India.

Mayong village an Introduction

Mayong is situated in beautiful Morigaon district of Assam and is at a distance of 40kms from the city of Guwahati. It is easily accessible, and one can reach by taking a taxi from Guwahati. It is adjacent to Pobitora wildlife sanctuary and one can easily visit both together. Mayong the name it is said is derived from the word ‘maya’ meaning an illusion. Mayong has been associated since time immemorial with witchcraft or tantric rituals and there are many historical remains that point out its tryst with Blackmagic.

Mayong and Black magic

Magic in Mayong is a living tradition and a talk with local villagers gives you a feel of it, though these days people don’t practice Black magic as such. The practitioners of magic are known as “bej” and some of them are still around and today it is said 60% of people rural still believe in curing everyday ailments the “magical way”.

With the passing of time the practice of sorcery or Black magic has entirely disappeared and people these days practice certain magic to cure everyday sickness like aches and pain, snake bites etc. Legends say that in the olden days the magicians of Mayong village were very strong as possessed powers that could tame a tiger or hypnotise any wild animal.

But with passing of time this has slowly died down and since most of these were in the oral form so with passing away of the practitioners these mantras also disappeared.

But the fact that Mayong and Pobitora area had a magical past is evident from the various relics found in and around the area. It is said that around 300 manuscripts are still in the the various houses of the local villagers. A visit to the museum which has been set up by the local people to preserve its rich heritage is a beautiful initiative, one can see many relics and manuscripts from that era.

Mayong and Festival of Five Deities

Visiting Mayong during the first week of April gives one a idea about its rich cultural heritage. Though a figure head Mayong Village still has a King and performs only certain cultural/ social duties. The present King

…… is revered by everyone and during the festival of Five Deities (Poncho goxai) one can see him and other senior villagers performing various rituals. There is a procession where they take out the deities and go around the entire Mayong village. They decorate the Deities with flowers and perform certain rituals in the Kings yard.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Mayong and Pobitora are adjacent to each other and the sanctuary covers the flood plains of Roja Mayong Village. Pobitora has the highest density of Rhino in Assam and it is your best bet to spot one if you are running short of time and can’t visit Kaziranga National Park. Along with the Rhino it is home to several other species of birds and Asiatic buffalo, wild boar, deer among others. During winters many migratory birds like greater adjatent stork call Pobitora their home and it’s a sight to see.


Things to do on your Mayong village Tour

. Walk around the rustic village and interact with local villagers to understand their past with magic rituals.

. Take a ride to Chonaka village amidst rocky hillside and the Brahmaputra flowing on the other.

. Climb the stairs at Hiloikhunda and go upto the Narashima temple and soak in the beautiful view from top of the hill.

. Watch the sunset from the banks of the river Brahamaputra and during the migratory season try to spot the various species of birds.

. Take a tour of the the archaeological remains in and around Mayong village and see the largest stone inscription in Asia.

. Visit the local village museum and understand Mayong and its history of black magic.

. Taking a jeep safari or an elephant ride at Pobitora Wild life sanctuary is well worth it as it gives excellent chance of spotting some beautiful wild animals including the famous one horned rhinoceros and exotic birds

A trip to the mystical village Mayong is well worth it. One can have a first hand experience of its rich magical past and also the natural beauty of the place is sure to leave one spellbound.

Day trip with Kopou Escapes

This is one of our best short trips and very popular with people who are short on time but yet want to experience Assam up close and personal.

A trip to Mayong starts with a safari to Pobitora Wildlife Park and the drive takes about an hour from Guwahati city. The drive is a very beautiful as one goes through scenic village landscape with the mighty Brahmaputra on one side. After the safari we go and visit the Museum and understand the historic past of Mayong village and its tryst with Black magic.

We give people a taste of authentic assamese cuisine over lunch at Pobitora eco camp, set amidst the beautiful rural landscape. We take walk through the village and experience local assamese lifestyle.

Before coming back if situation permits we pay a visit to the Kings house and over a cup of tea understand first hand about the rich history of Mayong.

A trip to this mystical village is sure to leave you spellbound and you will come back with lots of memories.

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